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A native of NYC, Marco Haber was introduced to percussion at the age of 3 when he was enrolled in a rhythm class for young children. As a teenager, he traveled to the Middle East on a trip that would set in motion what has become a life-long passion for the expression of rhythm through drumming. Today, after decades of musical exploration, practice and performing, Marco captivates his audience with an unusual style that regularly prompts the question – "How the %+@# does he do that?"


Given the broad variety of music that has inspired Marco's playing, it is perhaps not all that surprising that his interactions with the drum are hybridized. Over the years he has developed a novel playing style which marries finger techniques coming out of Eastern traditions with open-hand methods used in Afro-Latin drumming. The result is a dynamic approach that percolates with sounds and textures often left unearthed by conventional techniques. Almost without fail, people listening to Marco perform remark that they have never seen anyone play as he does and that he gets more out of his drums than what they would have thought possible.


Consistent with an early exposure to Middle Eastern music, Marco's first drum was a ceramic doumbek from Morocco; a gift given to him around the age of four by his father. Without question, the doumbek – as a type of drum – sits at the center of Marco's fluency with percussion. His instrumental reach has expanded over the years however, and today he regularly plays – albeit with a style that is in many ways unconventional – djembe, cajon, frame drums, boombakini, zendrum, and percussive accessories such as the shekere, bells and clave. It also not uncommon for Marco to employ household artifacts such as cigar boxes, metal sinks, clipboards and plastic bags as instruments.

Career Notes

Marco's career as a professional percussionist began in college where he landed a gig playing for a modern dance troupe. Since that time he has worked with bands and ensembles headquartered in New York City, Florida, and throughout the capital region of Albany NY. Marco has been on the bill with national acts such as Eric Anderson, Michael Glabicki (lead singer from Rusted Root) and Foghat and has played extensively in the United States as well as England. In 2004, Marco and Sean Rowe formed Mudfunk, a funk/soul duo that enjoyed numerous successes, including Travel Channel music contracts, a fully-sponsored UK tour, and the Live at the Grind album release. Marco has put on a number of performances and rhythm workshops with renowned Dominican percussionist and instrument designer, Felle Vega, and has recently performed with Grammy-winning Violinist, Federico Britos. Today, Marco is the percussionist for the Miami-based trio Escaleno, and also works as a freelance musician. He is available for performances, tours, recording sessions, and lessons.

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