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Marco is available for performances, tours, recording sessions, and lessons.

Please use the email address provided below to make an inquiry or simply get in touch.

"Marco Haber is beyond a doubt one of the most skilled percussionists in the world today."

Ken Hamlett
Unsigned Music Magazine

"Haber has a uniquely AfroLatin and Middle Eastern-influenced style of drumming that makes one drum sound like, well, a bunch of drums."

Erik Hage
Metroland Magazine

"Percussionist Marco Haber is as magnetic to hear as he is to watch. His seductive rhythms and unconventional technique make him one of the most gifted and refreshing musicians around. He truly must be seen to be appreciated."

Julie Feiner
104.9 LOVE FM

"To the casual eye, Marco Haber's hands barely move. Certainly, they don't move enough to produce THIS, and from one djembe no less. Marco inspires the double-take: indeed, he almost makes it mandatory. It seems so easy to walk by him, sitting quietly with his craft. It's the second look that gets 'em everytime, though -- and then it's over."

Arthur Gonick
WSPN 91.1 FM

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